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yellow medication pill on persons hand
yellow medication pill on persons hand

We offer statistical expertise to facilitate decision-making on your projects, validate your methods and guarantee patient safety.

We help you effectively manage your data, ensuring its integrity and quality, to ensure reliable and accurate results.

By following the latest requirements and recommendations from regulatory authorities (FDA, EMA), we can work closely with you to achieve your objectives and ensure the success of your projects.

From R&D to Manufacturing

From establishing and evaluating experimental plans for process understanding and optimization to process modelling, characterization and validation, we can support you analysing your data and defining optimal development strategies.

Method / process validation, comparibility tests, Design of Experiment, process modelling, Quality by Design ... Contact us if you have such need !

Process Analytical Technology

The implementation of PAT constitutes a growing trend in the control of bioprocesses, even if it remains hampered by the technical difficulty represented by the implementation of these new technologies and associated statistical models. These new control methods today constitute one of the pillars of the development of bioproduction, and a major challenge.

We can help you to implement new technologies to your process as shown with raman spectroscopy : contact us if you have such need !

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